Why ‘the more the merrier’ is truer in LARP now more than ever

Diversity in LARP is an interesting topic. Here i’m not talking about age, gender or ethnic diversity. I’m sure this will be a talk that comes up in time. Instead i’m talking about social group diversity. The idea of Gamers, Cosplayers, Furies and other social groups entering the LARP community. Coming down to the line we’re all geeks, nerds and a bit not quite there. So why should there be a disconnect between these groups? 

I was part of a LARP over the past year that comprised of a vast majority of Cosplayers. This being around 30-40% of the player base. These individuals were almost all new to the LARP scene with this system being their first jump into the hobby. Most, if not all, took to it like a duck to water. This could be the end of this article, an article on how if people have the right mindset will love LARP. However there’s more to this, I wanted to talk about not only how the inclusion of such groups is good for new people to the hobby but also to those already present.

Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. A cosplayer may have experience making great kit and produce some spectacular clothing for their character. While a gamer may have experience role playing, being use to the tough decisions that can arise in a game world. Spreading the diversity of those that come to LARPs from these social groups and further afield can be nothing but a good thing.

So, go find your friends. Win them over, show them how awesome and interesting the hobby can be and let them add something in their own way to the community.

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