Futures End – The Superhero LARP


Futures End is a LARP system that has drastically increased in scale since its first event back in March 2016.  For a system that was designed for 50 players, it has recently supported 150 at its mainline events.

While the system is still far away from encroaching on the size of large LARP fest systems the system has now entered the territory of a medium sized LARP.  So much so that Futures End won the award for Best Medium LARP at the UK LARP Awards 2017.


The player base of Futures End play a collection of ‘superheroes’. These super heroes are designed to be the best that the world can offer in fighting threats that occur during their ‘away missions’.  The Future End team define the setting as the following:

“Future’s End is set in a present-day, alternate reality in which super-powered beings are commonplace.

Earth is no longer the sole preserve of humanity, with new beings now walking among them in the form of mutants, aliens and ethereal beings. Future’s End players embody these ‘meta-types’, gifted with super-powers which they use to try and better the world, as well as protect it from those who would use their powers for evil.”

As mentioned above the player base of Futures End is around 150 strong. As this grows friction may arise between this concept. Being as the player base grows players may simply feel less ‘super’.  It will be interesting to see how the system develops to combat this.


Futures End is a high combat system. There are little to no safe areas that non-combat based characters can hide. This is definitely a double edged sword for the system. It provides tense moments and high-risk scenarios. This, in turn, enforcing permanence and consequences in the game. The draw back to this is that combat is not everyone’s ‘game’ and can lead to a lull in player enjoyment.

Rule Complexity

Futures End is a rule based game. It has a series of skills, player races and character progression options. It is a system that can be learned in an evening but will take several events to master.  Futures End also focuses on several ‘Find Out In Play‘ elements. This means that several: spells, rules or mechanics are hidden from characters unless they are discovered in the game. This helps and hinders new players. It helps as it means that there is less to learn as a new player. While it hinders as players might be caught off guard if met with such new mechanics in the game.


Futures End’s popularity has boomed since it’s original event in March 2016. That being the case the system’s remaining events this year are currently all fully booked. However, it is possible to join a waiting list if individuals drop out from the events. Futures End offers several pricing options for their events, including:

  • The team offered a Season pass for both of their main line events of 2017 for £25 a month for four months. This has since expired (31/01/2017).
  • You can buy a ticket for the fourth Futures End event for £60 (These tickets are out of stock however you can join a waiting list by emailing the game team).
  • The Futures End team have also run several Futures End social events that run at varying costs.

Player Support

Player support greatly fluctuates between LARPs. Some LARPs focus on the basics of combat while others focus on how not to drink yourself under the table. The main purpose of player support is to introduce new players to system or LARP as a whole. Futures End does run a high-level player introduction for their new players and was also chosen as the best Grassroots LARP at the UK LARP Awards 2017.


As a whole, I highly recommend checking out Futures End if you’re looking for a modern day LARP system. Futures End has quite a strong online presence. You can get in contact with the team on their website or Facebook Page. The team also run an official Facebook Group that members of the community commonly share information on.

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